Easter Sorrow

What to say when Easter joy
Is silent? When in my heart
I sense a still-sealed tomb?
When death has won and cries of peace
Are violent intruders, mocking
in the gloom.

What to say when others’ joy
Seems shallow? And seeds of doubt
Are planted in the ground,
In fields that now for years have stood
Long fallow—empty, dry and barren
Seasons round.

What to say when voices cry
“He’s risen!” and Alleluias
Scald my angry mind?
Weary resignation and
Depression, the only consolation
I can find.

What to say? My cauterized
Rejection of Easter’s joy
Will seek another cave,
Another Mary, witness of
Resurrection, as silently
He weeps before a grave.

Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash


Love’s Bonds

A man I never knew has died and I am sad.
Parents, not my own, are sick, 
and I am anxious as I wait for news.

Strange that I am grieving
at the death and pain 
of people I have never known.
But he was a beloved friend 
of my friend. They are parents
of another friend.
And I am bound to both my friends
with bonds of memory, affection, hope, and
so I am bound
to those they love.

Grief is the strangest thing. Death rips 
us from the people we have loved,
yet death cannot rend love.
In victory, death deepens 
love. Love is never so strong 
as when it faces death.

I have learned today death 
deepens friendship. 
Even as it tears and claws at life,
death binds me to my friends with deeper bonds of love.
I weep with them. I watch and wait for news.
I pray. We pray. And we are held by Love.

Love that is as strong as death. 
Jealous of the grave.

Photo by Jamie Haughton on Unsplash