Anthropology Ethics Pastoralia

Fruitfulness in the Ruins

Neither grace nor glory destroy nature. They perfect it. And so the ordinary means by which the Lord Jesus Christ our Creator and Redeemer works, from now until the End, is through the procreation and nurture of children, by the Spirit in the Lord, in families and in the church, by prayer and catechesis, worship, Word and sacrament. The future belongs to the fecund people of God.

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John Webster Pastoralia Prayer

Grace in a Time of Coronavirus

In our current trials, painful as they are, we are being given a gift—a gift as Christians, a gift as pastors, a gift as churches and a gift as nations, if only we will take it. This time of losses, restrictions, anxieties and griefs, it also a matchless opportunity for grace. In The Culture of Theology, John Webster invites us to take our own existence, and the situation in which we are placed, with full seriousness.…

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Pastoralia Suffering

On Coping (or not) with a Crisis

I’ve been trying to work out why I’m feeling existentially disconnected from Covid-19-related fears. I’m taking it seriously, but it’s not registering in any deeply personal way. Partly it’s that my routines are largely undisrupted. But as I reflect on people’s reactions I think there’s more, because a lot of these feelings have been my friends for more than 2 years now.  Early in December 2017, I had a fairly epic nervous breakdown. The reasons…

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